Designing Numbers

Debbie Wysocki, Realtor ®, GRI, CLHMS
Debbie Wysocki, Realtor ®, GRI, CLHMS
Published on October 2, 2017

Have you ever wondered . . .What number to use? What is the proper height is for your kitchen counter . . . or perhaps the ideal height of a back splash?

Well, checking with my team and confirming with Carol Bass shared these numbers:

  • 16 to 20 “ Most comfortable height for coffee table since most sofas have seats that are 18 to 22 inches high.  It is most comfortable to have a table that is about 2 inches lower.
  • 12 to 18” Distance from the wall (at least one wall) for an area rug.  If you are utilizing  a rug with a sofa and coffee table, be sure to anchor at least under the table if not under the sofa.
  • 9 feet Is the Best distance for high definition TV (based on a 60 inch screen size) viewing and will prevent eyestrain.
  • 60” Optimal viewing height for hanging art and mirrors.  Measure from the floor to the center of the item.
  • 2-3” Distance between pictures when grouping smaller pictures on a wall
  • 66” Good lighting is important – Measure from the floor and leave 66” for your Chandelier.  You will still have enough room a centerpiece.
  • 32 to 48” Best Chair Rail height. Your chair rail should be in the lower one-third of your wall.
  • 48” Average/Standard Headboard height.
  • 2 to 4” Best distance between a bed and a nightstand
  • 26 to 28” Is the favored height for the toilet paper holder (be sure not to place it too forward)
  • 36” Most comfortable kitchen counter height – in some kitchens there is also a Pastry counter that is 24” tall.
  • 30 to 36” Best height for pendant and task lighting above a kitchen island.  This will avoid ‘head bumping.’
  • 16 to 18” Standard height of a back splash and between countertops and upper cabinets.
  • 36” When installing recessed lighting, 36” is the best distance for 8 to 10 foot ceilings using a grid.
  • 24” Best Distance for outdoor walkway light


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