The Comprehensive 2016 Mortgage Refi Boom Guide

From when the Federal Reserve increased rates for the first time in nearly a decade, in Dec. 2015 to mid-Feb. 2016 mortgage rates decreased to the lowest level in 3 years. We carefully examined why the mortgage rates would decrease after a Federal increase, and since the downward mortgage-rate trend is continuing, here’s a refinance-reference guide. 2016 rate outlook…

Five Steps to Ease Home Buying Stress and Anxiety

Buying a home is an emotional experience – it can be exhilarating, thrilling and even stressful. When the time comes to sign the paperwork, don’t be surprisedif you feel butterflies in your stomach, or even nauseous. You are likely making the biggest financial decision of your lifetime; hence it is perfectly normal to feel anxious about buying a home. Nevertheless,…

Pros and Cons of Combining Finances With Your Significant Other

Managing money can be challenging enough on your own. You should take into consideration the following points before merging finances with your significant other. Whether you have recently moved in with your significant other or you are a newlywed, you there’sa lot to decide about the best way you should handle your household finances. Figuring out how you will divide…

Can The Mortgage Process Go Completely Digital?

Technology ismaking the process of getting a home loan more efficient than ever before, but can it remove the paper trail completely? Advances in technology have essentially re-invented TV, music, mobile phones and most other industries in the past 10 years. Currently advancesin technology are finally starting to modernize the mortgage process. As the tech savvy millennial generation prepares to…


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