Tips to get rid of kitchen clutter

The junk drawer. Love it or hate it, most of us have one and most of the time it’s in the kitchen. NPR’s Linton Weeks says they serve “as a Rorschachian reflection of your life.” That’s rather distressing, isn’t it? While the garage is the most cluttered room in the house, according to a Moen® Consumer and Market Insights Group…

Easy growing house plants

After a few tries at indoor gardening, many people give up, assuming the thumb just isn’t green enough. The problem usually boils down to having chosen a high-maintenance plant and giving it low-maintenance care. We agree that having a plant in the house shouldn’t be like having another child around that you have to fuss over and take care of….

5 Homebuyer traps and how to avoid them

Unless you’re Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, your home purchase may be the biggest financial investment you make during your lifetime. Scary thought, isn’t it? Not if you approach this investment as the three wealthiest Americans would. Buying a home is a business transaction and, to avoid costly mistakes, it needs to be addressed as one. This means…


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