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Are You a Motivated Seller?

Or are you a seller who is just testing the waters?

It makes a big difference. Because, in the luxury market literally 15 to 30 or more homes in Broward County come onto the market every month.

And, if your home is not priced correctly it will sit there for at least 200 or more days maybe even two years or more. That makes a big difference if you have a mortgage or carrying costs like the gardener, pool cleaner, housekeeper, tree trimmer, handyman, utilities, and, of course, — the TAX MAN – WHICH no one escapes!

How much do those carrying costs run you each month?  On a $1 Million home  — on average, I find carrying costs to be for a 4,000 SQUARE FOOT HOME TO BE ABOUT $5,500 – WITHOUT A MORTGAGE.

So, I ask you again are you a motivated seller?

If you are, then you want a realtor who will tell you the truth,  give you comparable pricing in your neighborhood and let you know WHAT needs to be done so your home will sell quickly.

And for a luxury home that means in six months or less and on the average that could mean AS FEW AS 90 TO 120 days.

If not, they become stale and will take multiple price reductions — as indicated in the graphs which I explain in the video where you will get a complete understanding of the Fort Lauderdale Market.

If a home is priced correctly, you will pay – even on Luxury about 90-95 percent of original List Price – if it’s not priced correctly – it could go as low as 73 to 75 cents on the dollar.

Be sure to put your name and email for the 3rd quarter Luxury market info and I will explain how to read the Fort Lauderdale Luxury Market and what it means for you!

You will get regular updates on the market quarterly.

Do yourself a favor and find the right agent ask the right questions – like are they a certified Luxury Home Marketing specialist and are they a million guild member?  Make sure they present you with comparables (AKA COMPS)  for your exact neighborhood and a comparable neighborhood not far away for homes and homes that are in the same condition, age, size and style as yours.

Remember, your home is in a price war and a beauty contest!

You want to make sure your home is the lowest priced and the most gorgeous home in YOUR neighborhood at its price point.

I look forward to assisting you to get top dollar for your property and mapping out a plan to reach your real estate goals.

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