8 steps to get your landscaping ready for spring

March 20, 2018—the day those of us who love nothing more than getting dirty in the backyard have longed for. It’s the first day of spring and, although we’re ready, our gardens may not be. In fact, before stepping one foot onto your home’s landscaping, “give the soil the ‘squirt’ test,” cautions landscape contractor Roger Cook, at thisoldhouse.com. “Step down…

Tips on buying new hardware for your cabinets

The best and quickest way to revitalize a room is with paint. It’s amazing what fresh paint can do. But, don’t stop there – especially if you’re thinking of selling your home. Simply changing the hardware on kitchen and bathroom cabinetry will complement those freshly-painted walls and make the room look complete. Best of all, it’s inexpensive and there are…


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