Community Outreach — RED DAY 2020 – Keller Williams Fort Lauderdale partners with PANDEMIC OF LOVE to Serve our community.

Have you recently been laid off? Do you need assistance in this COVID-19 Pandemic Season?

Are you able to Assist someone who might be in need?

When I joined Keller Williams almost 6 years ago it was for 3 reasons:

  1. Integrity — my #1 Value
  2. The Company has a philosophy of WIN-WIN or NO DEAL — and that is how I have run ALL of my businesses.
  3. Culture. Keller Williams is known for Culture — WHY — Mo Anderson — former CEO and Vice Chairman.

Every YEAR the 2nd Thursday in May EVERY SINGLE KELLER WILLIAMS Office closes to serve their community — they identify a project which needs assistance.

Unfortunately in this Corona Virus Pandemic Season, we cannot be ‘hands on.’

However, our Culture Chair Noelle heard about a local organization called PANDEMIC of LOVE.ORG where people/families in need can fill out an anonymous request for assistance and those who have resources can assist — ONE time or more than once.

Simply put, Pandemic of Love is an organized network of trained volunteers who match Recipients in need with Donors who can give. This organization was founded by Shelly Tygielski from Lighthouse Point. Since its inception a few short weeks ago in March, Shelly has received press coverage and celebrity endorsements of her cause. To date Pandemic of Love has matched over 40,000 people in need with willing donors who have given in excess of $5 Million!

And now The Waxman Group at Keller Williams is going to help spread this Pandemic of Love.

It can be as simple as filling a gas tank, baby sitting, buying groceries, or paying a utility bill.

How involved the giver wants to be is up to the giver.

The volunteers at Pandemic of Love screen the requests to make sure they are legitimate.

For RED DAY — coming up this Thursday, May 14, Keller Williams has been assigned two codes — one for those who need assistance AND one for those who can give.

IF you are receiving this video, email, or text, then our paths have crossed — and you know my goal is to be a DIFFERENCE MAKER in your life — and the Lives of Others — and I teach this to kids!

So if you or someone you know needs assistance, click this link:

Get Help:

If you or someone you know can GIVE Assistance — click this link:

Give Help:

AND — also important — please share on all your social media links — there are Pandemic of Love organization groups all over the country!

As my good friend Patricia Rogers CEO of Unity in Service says, ‘People Need People!’ and I would say this is true now more than ever!…


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