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Debbie Wysocki, Luxury Real Estate Professional with 23+ Years Experience

Attention Sellers

Are you a South Florida Homeowner who hasn’t found the right agent – someone who listens to you, will tell you the truth, and keeps their word? Learn what’s going on in Broward County, Florida right now from Award Winning Realtor, Debbie Wysocki.

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Attention Buyers

If you are seriously considering a move to South Florida – and over 900 people a day are, it’s important to know what’s happening in the market. What makes the difference between an average Realtor and a professional?

One who studies the market – EVERY DAY – who knows the inventory and knows why a home will sell quickly or will sit on the market for months or even years. Great Realtors listen to their customers and make the transaction EASY.

If you want someone to work on your behalf, who has the credentials that are second to none and who will negotiate the best deal possible for you, taking into account all of your needs, then Debbie Wysocki, an Award-Winning Realtor is the person for you.