Debbie Wysocki, Realtor ®, GRI, CLHMS
Debbie Wysocki, Realtor ®, GRI, CLHMS
Published on October 3, 2017

Most offices recycle paper now – a few restaurants will and public areas have separate garbage cans for plastic/soda cans.

BUT . . . How about at home?

Are you are one of those casual recyclers or haven’t caught the ‘green’ train, you might want to reconsider.

It’s pretty easy to toss a plastic cup in the trash or wrappers and you may think it’s no big deal . . . right?
Actually, it is.

HGTV Magazine reported in one of their summer issues that every year Americans throw out enough plastic utensils and cups to circle the equator 300 times. And that is not counting soda cans, beer bottles, newspapers, water bottles (think about all those thirsty gym goers).

Think about the fact that most people don’t recycle paper towel and toilet paper rolls, shampoo and lotion bottles, tin foil, egg cartons, cardboard and junk mail.

Most cities have a section on their website which will share about their recycling program guidelines. As the popularity of recycling has grown, for many cities, so has the size of our bins. In quite a few South Florida cities we now have full size recycling bins as opposed to tiny mail size bins.

Recycling is Easy When You Put It “All-in-One” Container

Having been a strong proponent of recycling for more than 25 years (it must be that Girl Scout Leader in me . . . our Promise is to ‘Leave the World Better Place’ and ‘Use Resources Wisely’) — these FULL Size bins are easy – and means no sorting .

Things to avoid buying – and encourage restaurants not to use because it cannot be recycled – STYROFOAM.

Just remember, everything you recycle, is an item that does not end up in landfills.

Yes, I have been known to dig through our ‘Party Trash’ and put it in the recycling – it is A BIG DEAL.

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